Golf to Their Kids

Tips for Parents Who Want to Teach Golf to Their Kids

Golf is definitely quite popular among rich people. Some of them often bring their kids around. However, there are people who think bringing their children will give them headache. This article we will give you several tips to teach your children how to do golf without losing the fun.
The list below explain some suggestions you can follow:
Avoid individuality: despite being individual game most of the time, when you bring your kids to a golf field, try to play a shamble or scramble. Introducing the course to your children does not mean they need to play by their own. According to Erika Larkin, a golf teacher for kids, playing a scramble can make a more group oriented experience and keep the kids moving.
Time-savings games are recommended: do not be too serious when you teach your children. Make it alight game to avoid frustration from your groups and other surrounding groups. You can do this by instating magic putts if your kids are struggling on the field. Adding fun twists such as hand wedge is also recommended if your kids cannot get out after 2 swings.
Do not think about your own games: as opposed to focusing on your own game, try to focus on showing a great example in etiquette and attitude on a golf field. When you go to a golf field with your kids, your role will be more of a caddie instead of a player. Make sure to keep this in mind.
Keep the games short: kids have different stamina than adults, so make sure to keep your game short. Finish your game after five or six holes at most. If you play too much holes, they may be too tired and it will not leave a great impression on the golf itself. Other than the amount of holes, you can also keep the distance short.
Contact the course: make sure to inform the course that you plan to bring kids and prefer quiet times to play. The staffs will try to fulfill your request as much as possible, so you can teach golf to your children without too much worry.
The paragraph above already elaborated some great tips for parents who want to bring their kids to a golf field. By taking those tips, you can teach your kids on how to play golf with no worries and they will also have fun and enjoy their quality time with the family. And this is also what Nontonfilm88 visitors like.


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