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Rich People Play Golf

Reasons Why Rich People Love to Play Golf

Rich people have so much money and sometimes people wonder how they spend their dollars. There are several activities that are considered rich hobbies. In this article, we will focus more on golf as one of the most favorite sport among millionaires.

In the following list, you can read some of the reasons why golf is a popular sport among rich people:

Convenient practice: it cant be denied that billionaires have hectic schedules. Golf is not a team sport, thus, these rich http://citibetqq.com people do not have to make an appointment with friends and it does not need to be done in an actual golf field. You can actually set a mini golf set in your room and play it to relax your mind.

Challenging sport: a lot of rich people earn their success after accomplishing the impossible through their entire life. Golf has a group of considerations, such as personal tendencies, swing mechanics, and reward or risk that make this sport challenging emotionally, strategically, and physically.

Legitimacy: billionaires tend to do a lot of things that are legitimate and high-quality. These people do not care about mastering something that has no value. Golf is considered a legitimate sport due to some factors, such as involving main athletic brands (Adidas, Nike), featuring million dollar athletes, supported by Rolex, and covered on the front page of ESPN. Golf also offers an opportunity to excel, bragging rights, and safety.

Girl Playing Golf

Occasional stunning shots: golf can be excelled even by non-athletic person. It will be very hard for a non-athletic 50 years old man to dunk a ball or throw a fastball with the speed of 100 mph. However, they can actually do a hole-in-one in golf, in which they can brag to their fellow rich friends.

No competition: rich people have a tendency to be more competitive and these people despise losing the most. In golf, you can basically do whatever you want. You set your own target and achieve it by yourself, no one can tell you otherwise.

Guaranteed safety: a golf player has a lower chance to get injured compared to athletes in other sports like skiing or biking (other sports most rich people tend to play).

High entry barrier: the competitive advantages in golf are focused on experience and technique, which many billionaires are expert in gaining. As long as they can pay for multiple round of the course, lessons, and equipment, they can actually be better than a younger athlete with lesser experience.

No need for perfect physical fitness: there aren’t a lot of rich people who are still in their prime when it comes to physical fitness. Golf is more of skill and feel instead of physical fitness, so even people in their 60s can still play this http://bengkelbola.org sport without too much worries.

The previous paragraph already explain about several reasons why many rich people choose golf as their favorite sport. This sport can be considered pretty boring, but for someone who barely has time to relax, it can be an escape from hectic lifestyle.